20 Healthy Late Night Snacks That Won’t Destroy Your Diet (2 of 4)



Pear & Cheese

On a similar note to peaches and cottage cheese is pears and cheese. Fruit and dairy pairings are deceptive but are great snacks to have when you have them. Cheese alone is high in calcium while the pear is going to curb the sugar while also providing you fiber and vitamin C.

In terms of cheese though the nutritional value will vary. Our suggestion is looking for stilton or goat cheese as it’s a nice compliment to the flavours of pears.



Greek Yogurt & Chia Seeds

Both these things are nice for salads but they’re also good for snacking on together. The greek yogurt is a great source of protein and fiber if you go for the non-fat versions. Mix it with some chia seeds and you’ve got a dish that has even more fiber as well as a good amount of iron.

In terms of nutrients, this is up there in the most nutritious snack you can have.



Greek Yogurt With Berries

On a similar note, greek yogurt with berries is also a good option as well. To save yourself some money, we’d suggest buying a bag of frozen berries over getting them raw. Greek yogurt has lots of protein of course but the berries provide vitamin C along with antioxidants.

This is a good alternative to the chia seeds since they don’t enhance any flavour. Berries on the other hand will enhance it so it’s more like you’re having fro-yo instead of having plain greek yogurt.



Wasabi Almonds

Almonds alone are high in fiber and protein while also containing selenium and magnesium. The last two ingredients are most helpful as they help you with falling asleep, making it a viable late-night snack.

While almonds as is are good enough, it doesn’t hurt to add something extra to them. Our suggestion is Blue Diamond’s wasabi almonds as it adds some extra flavour to it.



Whole-Grain Toast With Guac

Avocado toast is a millennial thing sure but it’s still healthy and a suitable snack depending on the bread you pick up. Thankfully there are tonnes of companies making organic bread or other specialty bread that you can look into.

From the top of our head, one company that comes to mind is Dave’s Killer Bread. Each slice runs 60 calories and when you put the avocado on it you’ve got some nice filling protein with it.