20 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Crush

It is already quite a nerve-wracking experience for anyone to talk to their crush, and if you are already able to get a conversation going, you are already on the right path. Unlike the first date, you have to be at your slyest to dig information from them. You aren’t on a romantic date with them yet, so everything you do needs to be calculated, so that it doesn’t come across as overbearing and you get the info you need.

Also, it should not make the situation feel like some sort of a job interview, says Carmel Jones, sex expert and relationship coach at The Big Fling. But you would want your questions to have weight, so that it allows you to try and understand your crush better in order to establish a connection or to see if they like you too. This is why you should stay clear of any questions that can be answered in a word. The more they are able to describe, the better! We’ve compiled a list of 20 questions that can get the conversation started and help you in knowing your crush better.


“What is your biggest turnoff?”

Ask them what their biggest turn-off is, or what sort of behaviors they absolutely cannot stand?

You would naturally want to know what they like, but it is also important to know about their biggest turnoff, points out Jones. You can try to slide this question like a random celeb opinion you have. “I just cannot stand Tom Cruise”, you can say, and when you are asked why that is so, you can point out your reasons like, “He smokes, and I cannot like someone who does. Who is your Tom Cruise?” Sneaky, right?



“Who is your celeb crush?”

With this particular question, you can try to understand your crush’s likes and dislikes in terms of people, and the things that attract them points out Jones. You don’t have to be all interview style when you ask this – you can just slide this in conversation by bringing up a movie star or an artist you like, and then deflect that to something like, “Leonardo DiCaprio is my celeb crush, who is yours?”



“What was your first impression of me?”

While it is a great possibility that your crush was already in the know-how that you secretly liked them, it is always a great idea to ask them what they thought of you when they first met you, says Jones. You can set up your question like, “People say I am shy, but actually I am not”. Trade shy with an adjective of your choice. They will, in most probability, either reject or affirm your statement, and you can also press them with questions like, “What did you think?”.



“Do you like spending time alone or do you like attending parties?”

You should make an effort to figure out whether your crush is an introvert or an extrovert, as it can help in figuring out potential compatibility. If you are someone who likes going out five times every week and your crush is someone who loves spending time at home, it might be a bit of a mismatch. By understanding your crush’s social comfortability you can understand how you can make them comfortable in the days to come, says Jones. If you are aware that they are shy, maybe you shouldn’t go for a public display or declare your love for them when you are in front of mutual friends!



“Who gave you the best gift ever, and what was it?”

Not only can this question help you in finding the best gifts for them in the future, but it also helps you figure out your crush’s likes and dislikes, says Jones. Figure out if their best gift ever was just a random gift from an acquaintance or something super specific their BFF gave them.