20 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Crush (2 of 4)

“What’s the weirdest thing you find attractive?”

We all are into something weird that isn’t exactly universally attractive, but feels attractive to us.

It can be a physical thing like ankles, or maybe it is something abstract like a sportsman spirit. By getting to know about the quirks of your crush, you can find common grounds with them and know what they like or don’t.



“What is your one rule to live by?”

Ask this question to sense what values they hold dear in their lives, says Jones. Do they like to treat everyone with kindness? Or, do they like everyone to do nothing wrong in life? There isn’t really a wrong answer here, and whatever insight you gain will help you understand your crush.

Also, it is quite a thought-provoking question a lot of people don’t often ask, so by asking this question, you can break the ice.



“What is your biggest fear?”

From death to spiders, the answer to this question can be anything. This question allows you to think and bond over your fears if you share the fear for the same thing. Jones points out that fear and secrets often bond people together.



“Who in your family is closest to you?”

This is a rather interesting question that lets you probe your crush about their family history, and allows you to ask even more follow-up questions, says Jones. And if they answer that they are closest to their mother, you can then ask them for a favorite memory that reminds them of their mother.

If they say it is their sibling, you can again probe the reason behind that. People love chatting about their family, so asking this question helps you start a conversation that can go on for hours.



“Do you want to be in a relationship as of now?”

Most of the questions you will ask your crush aren’t going to be simple yes or no ones, but this right here is one such question. Everyone’s time is of the essence, so it is prudent to probe whether or not they would like to be in a relationship right now, says Jones. And if you are finding it hard to bring this question into a conversation, try talking about how you find dating exhausting and want to take a serious break from everything. And then, you can ask them if they feel the same or are they dating anyone?

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