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This Little Sign May Reveal If A Woman Truly Likes You

We’ve all experienced that nerve-racking, sensational feeling of attraction towards a potential partner that goes beyond words. But a new study has found that there is a stark difference in how a man processes that feeling compared to a woman. Published in the popular journal Frontiers in Psychology, the study reveals that attraction tends to affect how women perceive time.


So, what does that mean? Do dates just fly by or do they seem longer than usual when a woman finds you attractive? Keep scrolling to find how a woman’s perception changes when she finds a man appealing, and how it usually affects her feelings regarding the date.


Researches made use of speed dating in order to figure out how exactly attraction affects the perception of time

There have been a ton of studies on how various situations we face in our everyday lives affect our time perception, and most conclude that with the amount of cognitive processing required to complete a particular task increasing, the time seems to pass slower. And this is why people often think that in order to process attraction for a potential mate, one might perceive time differently.

To confirm this, the Frontiers team conducted an experiment where they used speed dating to figure out how attraction impacts the perception of time. With 37 volunteers that comprised of 19 men and 18 women, the study team issued a questionnaire that recorded their response both before and after the date in order to assess their attraction level towards a potential date.

Afterward, the volunteers were asked how long they thought their date lasted.