8 Things You Can Learn About Someone Based On Their Eating Preferences

Food is an integral part of human culture, and the way we eat says a whole lot about who we are. Our food preferences are shaped by many factors, including our upbringing, cultural background, and personal choices. Whether you’re someone who is willing to eat anything or a super picky eater, your eating habits can reveal a ton about your personality. Here are eight things you can learn about someone based on what they eat.

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1. Extroverted or Introverted?

Our food choices reveal a lot about our social behavior. For instance, given that extroverts love hanging out with other people, it comes as no surprise that they’re into all of those popular, people-pleasing foods like pizza, burgers, and fries. By contrast, introverts are far more reserved and will be inclined to eat healthy, organic, and locally sourced foods. They often go vegetarian or even vegan, never afraid to try unique and inspired dishes.

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2. Open- or close-minded?

Our willingness to try exotic and unfamiliar foods and cuisines is a clear indication of how open or close-minded we are. Those who fit into the former category are very curious, adventurous, and are all about experimentation when it comes to their food choices. If you invite them to a Thai, Ethiopian, or Uzbek restaurant, there is no way they’d refuse. On the other hand, close-minded individuals are more conservative and will opt for things that are “safe” and familiar, such as meatloaf, spaghetti, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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3. Fast- or slow-paced?

What we choose to eat strongly correlates with our pace of life. Those who live a fast-paced lifestyle prefer quick and easy meals like fast food, soups, sandwiches, and salads. You might even find such people multitasking, and therefore eating while working or even driving (although we don’t discourage it! Stay safe, readers!). Slow-paced folks enjoy taking their time and really savoring their food. As a result, they’re more likely to be found at sit-down restaurants where the meals take more time to prepare, such as Italian cuisine and steakhouses.

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4. Assertive or passive?

People who assert themselves will opt for bold, spicy dishes, including hot wings, jalapeno poppers, and chili when they dine out. They also love Mexican, Indian, and Thai cuisine and don’t hesitate to ask for the hottest sauces available. However, passive people are far more relaxed and easygoing, and this is reflected in their food choices. Although they certainly enjoy natural, mild flavors, they avoid spicy and strong-tasting foods at all costs.

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5. Confident or insecure?

People who are confident in themselves and believe they are making all of the right choices in life will not hesitate to order foods that aren’t on the menu or will make a special request to have the meal prepared in an original way. They are also completely comfortable eating by themselves or with a large group. But those who have insecurities will typically order what everybody else is getting or whatever is the quickest to prepare, even if the food itself is not their preference.

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6. Friendly or distant?

Friendly people thrive when they’re in a dining atmosphere that involves lots of people. This means choosing foods that are easy to share or bringing food to a social gathering. They’ll invite a bunch of people to a restaurant that serves homestyle meals, or they’ll enjoy hosting a dinner party. But individuals who are distant are more inclined to eat by themselves or with a small group of friends. They’ll also stick with the tried-and-true foods that they know they’ll enjoy.

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7. At peace or struggling?

Those who have achieved a level of mindfulness and inner peace will always choose foods that are healthy, whole, and nourishing. They practice mindful eating techniques such as chewing slowly and paying attention to the sensory experience of each bite. Those who struggle to find inner peace prefer unhealthy, highly processed foods and will even binge eat as a means of coping with their stresses.

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8. Adventurous or risk-averse?

The willingness of an individual to try new foods and cuisines says a lot about whether they take risks and live an adventurous lifestyle. For example, adventurous people love to seek out exotic fruits, vegetables, and spices. They experiment with recipes or create unique dishes of their own. Risk-averse people don’t feel comfortable when they’re out of their element, so they’ll opt for all of the foods they know well and have no interest in deviating from this.