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10 Shows That Feature Female Antagonists We Cheer For

Once upon a time, TV dramas and action shows featured protagonists whom you rooted for because they believed in justice. They fought off the baddies who had bad intentions. But these days things are no longer as clear-cut. Many series are led by flawed antagonists who are motivated by their own self-interests.

While men tended to dominate these shows in the past, we’re now seeing a trend where women who make mistakes and lead imperfect lives are the ones we want to see succeed. It could be characters looking to gain power or femme Fatales who eliminate their enemies to reach their goals. Here are 10 series where the main focus is on female antagonists.

House of Cards

What comes to mind when you think of House of Cards? Kevin Spacey, right? Well, that’s kind of awkward. Fortunately, the show also focuses on other important characters including Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright. She’s entirely in this for herself, and as the audience we’re totally fine with that. This was especially true in the 6th and final season after Spacey had been given the boot due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Killing Eve

Starring Canadian-born actress Sandra Oh, who is of South Korean descent, Killing Eve was praised for both its diversity and content friendly towards the LGBT community. She portrayed a secret British agent who had to fend off a world-class assassin. Because of their devotion to Oh’s character, a lot of viewers were sad when the show came to an end after only 4 seasons (although unlike the American series, British shows tend to only last a few seasons by design).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you’ve watched this romantic comedy musical drama, it’s most likely because you’re a fan of Rebecca Bunch, (played by Rachel Bloom, who is also a co-creator of the show). It’s not so much that she’s an awful person, but she definitely has her flaws. For instance, following her ex-boyfriend to the other side of the country to spite him. The way she frequently makes mistakes (as we all do) but then learns who she is as a result is a rarity when it comes to TV shows. This is why we want to see her do well and find happiness.

Game of Thrones

There might not be another show in the history of television that has featured so many female villains whom we celebrate. Whether it’s the double-crossing Cersei or Queen Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, these are strong, fearless women who are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if it means taking out a few good guys in the process. Stay tuned in August 2022 when the spinoff prequel House of the Dragon debuts on HBO!