9 Companies That Give You Free Money

Now, I’m no business expert, but one thing that never seems like a good idea is to just give money away for free. Thanks to the world of marketing however, our data and opinion have become more important than money, so just taking 10 minutes to fill out a simple form or create an account is an actual viable method to make some easy free money.

The catch? Well, depending on the money they’re shelling out, they’re going to want more of your precious data. It’s just the way these things work. Let’s take a look at a few companies that allow you to make some money by just doing some small things.

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If you’re into investing, you’ve probably already heard of Stash. It’s an app that works on Android and Apple and allows you to quickly dive into the world of investing – and it doesn’t even require that you have a lot of money set aside. In fact, if you just download the app and link it to your email account, they’ll give you $5 within two business days. Sounds easy enough, right?

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VIP Voice

Survey websites are a dime a dozen, but VIP Voice is one of the few that’s actually trustworthy. The website gives you points for each survey you complete, which allows you to turn in those points for gifts or hard cash at later points. So, basically, this website is almost like an actual job: the more hours of work you put in, the more money you make. But you can do it from home, and that’s always nice.

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Most supermarkets these days have either a savings card that gives you a voucher after a set amount of time or they allow you to apply for a company credit card that gives you a flat discount rate on your purchases. If you have a store that you visit all the time, it might be worth looking into the kind of things they offer that could essentially make you free money.