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9 Companies That Give You Free Money (2 of 3)

Smart Panel

This app pays you $75 per year for access to all your phone data. Basically, they’ll know all your searches on the internet (yes, also the incognito ones), know which apps you use frequently, and maybe even who you’re calling a lot. It’s a pretty big sacrifice for a small fee but if you have nothing to hide and don’t care about that kind of thing, it’s money for literally doing nothing.


eBates is what we’d call a cashback site. Basically, when you shop at that site they give you up to 6% of your money back. They also occasionally give out gift cards and stuff. It’s pretty safe to assume that 6% is either an extra overhead margin or the money they receive for selling your shopping habits to marketing agencies.

The Government

Well, it’s hard to say that the government gives you anything for free when you’re a taxpayer, but you’d still be paying taxes if they didn’t give you money, right? Most governments have a bunch of grants that they give out to either people or businesses, barring some criteria. It’d be pretty impossible to list all of them here but it’s never a bad idea to really check your government grants whenever you’re going to do something big.