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9 Unhealthy Fad Diets You Should Never Try

One thing that many people are in pursuit of on a constant basis is weight loss. But losing weight can be one of the most grueling processes you will ever go through. Moving that scale up and down is no easy feat, and this is why the method you use to drop the pounds is so important. Even though we’d all like to speed up the process of losing weight, getting caught up in quick tricks can be a major setup for failure. Experts say that trends like fad diets are definitely not the right route to take. “Fad diets tend to gain popularity due to promises of quick weight loss and unrealistic results,” says Mary Manning, RDN. “But they’re often grounded in little to no science. While the claims can be appealing, these diets are often not sustainable long term because of how restrictive they are.”

So what is the big deal with losing weight through fad diets, and how bad can it really be for your progress? The hard part is knowing whether or not you are actually on a fad diet. Sometimes the logic behind these trends can seem plausible. But one of the biggest red flags is a one-size-fits-all stance on weight loss, which is never really realistic. To learn more about the most popular ones, check out these 9 unhealthy fad diets you should never try.

Baby Food Diet

This diet requires replacing meals with baby food, and even snacks too. This is supposed to be effective for weight loss because baby food portions are much smaller than the standard adult meal, and thus will limit calorie intake. But our needs as adults are much more complex than that of an infant, so this diet can lead up to being malnourished.

Cotton Ball Diet

The cotton ball diet may be one of the most dangerous fads around. This diet entails eating cotton balls that have been soaked in juice or smoothies. Not only does it deprive you of basically all needed nutrients, but stuffing your body with cotton balls can cause seriously dangerous blockages in your digestive tract.

Cookie Diet

The cookie diet is all about skipping meals and eating cookies all day. But not just any cookie — you are required to eat special cookies by Dr. Sanford Siegal, and you eat them every two hours. But this will only give you about 1200 calories a day, max — which is way too low.