10 of the World’s Most Stunning Road Trips (2 of 3)

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5. Iceland’s Ring Road

If you plan a trip to Iceland during the months when it is less icy (we’re talking summer here), you can circle the entire country along the Ring Road, an 828-mile route that takes you to the island coast. There is a whole lot to take in along the way: glacial lagoons that make you think you’re on another planet, ridiculously high waterfalls, and even rolling meadows full of baaing sheep. Going in the winter is probably not the greatest idea since large parts of the road are completely frozen over.

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6. The Florida Keys’ Seven Mile Bridge

This aptly-named bridge links the Florida Keys together from Knight’s Key to Little Dutch. It’s an experience like no other, with the sight of crystal blue water for miles on end. During the journey, you get the impression that the bridge stretches on forever and ever!

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7. California’s Highway 1

This super long state highway is 655.8 miles in length, and yet it is only the second-longest in the country (the longest being Montana’s Highway 200). It starts off in Capistrano Beach in Orange County and ends way up north in the California Redwoods, even passing through the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco along the way. You’ll definitely want to stop in the Big Sur region to enjoy the coastal parks and take photos near the cliffside.