9 Incredible Swimming Holes Around the World That You Must See to Believe

If you’ve grown up near a swimming hole, you know that the experience of jumping into the water on a hot summer day is unmatched. It certainly beats swimming at a crowded public swimming pool with all that chlorine that turns your eyes red. If you’re looking for a way to relieve your childhood in new, adventurous ways, check out our list of 9 amazing swimming holes that you need to visit.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Iceland? Björk. And then ice. In that exact order. If you are hesitant to experience an icy cold climate, fear not! Make your way to the geothermal springs of the Blue Lagoon in the Southwestern part of the country. Soaking in the hot, soothing water feels great and you’ll come home a new person!

Mabinay Spring, Negros Oriental, the Philippines

Located on the country’s Negros Oriental Island, Mahinay Spring has it all: a freshwater lake that is fed from a stream all under the shade of trees that are hundreds of years old. This is the ideal place if you’re vacationing on a budget since there is no charge. Not surprisingly, it’s a destination that both travelers and locals love!

Zacaton Cenote, Mexico

The Zacaton Cenote is difficult to reach and much of it is unexplored. In fact, the depth of parts of it has yet to be determined. For this reason, it’s one of those “swim at your own risk” situations, and therefore we would strongly discourage it. However, if you do manage to make it there in the first place, the sights alone make the journey worthwhile.