10 Unusual But Practical Gadgets That You Must Invest In

Have you gone a complete day without using electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, a television set, or headphones? Digitalization and advancement in technology has made our lives easier than before. With more and more tech-savvy items launching every day, we feel more secure in every area of our life including personal as well as professional.

As time and generations pass, every useful item is being replaced by some or the other electronic device. Paper books have been replaced by e-readers, induction cookers are now used instead of the traditional fire stoves and let us not forget to thank Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone! Well, these are just a few gadgets that you are aware of. Listed below are 10 weird but amazing gadgets that will blow your mind with their practical uses.


Expandable Magnetic Flashlight

Multifunctional Tactical 3x Led Flashlight

Did you lose your key and manage to find it stuck behind the wardrobe? You can always avail of the expandable LED flashlight for the rescue of your key! This is gold for people who always seem to lose things and find them at unreachable places like under the bed and other nooks and corners. Not only does this device provide flexibility to reach such places and grab the lost item but it also comes with magnets on both ends that ensure easy retrieval and a flashlight so that every corner is visible to you. It comes in various sizes and models that you can choose from and solves all your problems with missing items.



Magnetic Car Mount

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This gadget is extremely practical when you have to drive somewhere unknown and have to use the GPS or even when you want to just groove to some music while you are driving! The magnetization makes it easier to place the phone securely on the mount without the fear of it slipping and breaking. You can easily place the magnetic clip on the dashboard of the car and mount your phone on it so that it is visible to you and safe. Magnets are way stronger than other materials used to mount phones. So this ensures 100% safety of the phone and gives us a perfect way to use the phone while driving without any obstacles.



Smart Lock

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This device can ensure the security of your house with nothing but a smartphone. Investing in a smart lock can work wonders as no one will be able to break in due to the hard metal attached to the door, even though it is not larger than 3” in diameter. You can easily operate the locking and unlocking of your door automatically through your smartphone and create digital passwords in case of guests. Isn’t it amazing that you never need to worry about losing your keys or misplacing the lock? So go ahead and keep your home sweet home a safe and secure place to live in!