Cut Down Your Expenses By Saving On Your Electricity Bill With The Help Of These 12 Foolproof Ways

With the stock market skyrocketing and the prices of petrol on a constant increase, it’s quite common to find yourself fumbling through staggering figures on bills and cheques. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve found ourselves wrinkling our foreheads trying to find a workaround that would help us save some extra cash. Paying off your electricity bill has always been a horror.

This piece of paper is the living example of unpredictability and dread. The hefty figures it comes bearing with it at the end of every month almost rips us off by at least one-third of our salary. A lot of factors play a major role in affecting the amount of power consumed by your appliances; such as the time of the day do you keep your appliances running, if there’s a cheaper alternative or not, the temperature of your refrigerator and much more.

If you’re a university student or in the struggling phase of your life where you’re trying to make ends meet, here are 12 tricks that would help you lower your electric bill drastically. Or even if you aren’t; it won’t hurt to save some extra bucks. Here are 12 infallible ways to help you lower your electricity bill.


Keep saving

Piggy Bank, Piggy bank

Yes, cutting down costs from your electricity bill will probably help you a lot in your money-saving endeavor. But don’t just limit yourself to that, save by undertaking other resolutions too! As outdated piggy banks might seem, they aren’t. A dollar saved every day can earn you loads by the end of the year. It all starts from small, meager steps that tend to grow into huge, major ones.

Consider opening a zero-balance account, or maybe if you need a new pair of shorts; fetch out your old ragged jeans and make yourself a pair instead. The ways to save money are endless, we just don’t opt for them because they take a bit of extra effort.



Install appliances that use natural resources

Solar Powered Heater, Solar power, Solar panel, Light, Solar energy, Slope, Automotive lighting

This is by far the most commendable step that you can take towards cutting down your electricity bills. Though the initial cost needed to set such appliances up are high, you could never go wrong with this decision.

Invest in installing a solar-powered heater. It saves all the energy that your geyser consumes every time you plan to take a bath. It uses solar energy, the most abundant natural resource, to heat water. The most eco-friendly, efficient method so far. Their efficiency is nest during midway when the sky is cloudless and the collectors are facing south. They also work well during cloudy days, even when the collectors are made to face east.

You can fetch hot water throughout the year. The initial cost of installation of such heaters amounts to about 2000$, but you can do it for as little amount as 300$, depending on the materials you use or if you decide to do the work yourself.



Minimize the usage of electric appliances during the day

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Keeping the bulbs on during a scorchy summer morning is foolish. Try to minimize the usage of basic electronic gadgets which are not necessary during the day. Avoid turning light bulbs on at 2 pm, instead work with the natural sunlight. It really should be enough.

Utility companies tend to charge way higher during the daytime because everyone’s awake and usually spend time working or going about doing their activities during this time. Minimizing the usage of your appliances during the ‘peak time’.

Try habituation yourself to using the dishwasher and the washing machine at night before going to bed. Charge your other gadgets overnight to avoid charging them during the day. You’ll notice a significant drop in your electricity bill by the end of the month.