Cut Down Your Expenses By Saving On Your Electricity Bill With The Help Of These 12 Foolproof Ways (2 of 4)

Electric timers can go a long way

We are dwelling in the era of smart home automation. Installing an electric timer would prove to be extremely beneficial. Electric timers automatically turn the lights on and off whenever necessary, and even alert you about the amount of energy consumption your appliance might be incurring.

If you have an electric timer set up on your sauna or pool or hot tub, they will inform you about the amount of time you’ve been spending, potentially saving your life if you ever mistakenly fall asleep. Also, they turn off your appliance automatically when not in use, saving you the hustle of waking up in the middle of the night and fumbling your way through to turn off the light in the kitchen. You’ll notice drastic changes in your bills.

After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.



Keep a check on your refrigerator

If there’s any appliance that tends to consume a notorious amount of electricity, it’s the refrigerator. And the sad part is, you cannot even turn it off whenever you are not using it, like a light bulb or a fan. That’s because we’re pretty much always using it!

However, you can surely reduce the amount of power consumed by performing a few tips and tricks. Clean the coils religiously every week. They are situated behind or underneath the refrigerator and do hefty the hefty work of circulating the air and keeping the heat out. Caked coils can pressurize them into working harder, in turn increasing the power consumed.

Keep almost three fourth of your refrigerator full, as it takes less power to keep a packed fridge cool, but also make sure to leave enough space for the air to circulate.

Also, keep the temperature in check! If the temperature is 10 degrees less than necessary, it can consume about 25% more energy. 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit serves as the ideal temperature; and freezers do just fine when kept at 0-5 degrees. Anything more or less is just unnecessary.



Invest in weatherstripping your house

Weatherstripping is the process of sealing the openings around movable components such as doors, windows, etc. Their primary aim is to prevent seepage of water during rain, or other unwanted media into the house. It also helps you in trapping the air inside of your house, preventing it from seeping out or by letting the air outside creep in.

If you invest in weatherstripping, you will automatically save a lot of money. It will prevent the temperatures inside your residence from getting affected by the weather outside, so you won’t have to turn your air conditioner on every five hours! Make sure to choose a trustworthy brand and get your house insulated. Money spent on insulation is money well spent!