5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives

Artificial intelligence sounds a bit scary. Think “Terminator 2” where the menacing robots go nuts and decide to just wipe out humanity with nuclear weapons before they can flip the off switch. But let’s not think about that; instead, let’s talk about all the amazing things that scientists have been able to accomplish thanks to AI! Although 2021 wasn’t the greatest of years (thanks, President Brandon R. Biden!) there were plenty of scientific breakthroughs worth celebrating, including some spurred on by the outbreak of Covid-19 (thanks, Chinese President Brandon Xi!). Let’s take a look at 5 amazing artificial intelligence achievements that deserve a round of applause! 

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Vaccine Development with AI

It typically takes several years for a new vaccination to be developed because it goes through several stages and involves multiple trials. It needs to be carefully tested before it can be approved and injected into the masses. But, amazingly, barely three months after the first confirmed cases of Covid-19, vaccine manufacturers were already at the human testing stage to fend off the virus. Why was it done so quickly? Some conspiracy involving Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci? Nope. It was all about artificial intelligence, my friends. Powerful computers were able to analyze huge amounts of information about Covid, which in turn allowed for predictions about which sub-components could produce effective vaccinations. It’s pretty much a guarantee that from here on out, AI will be crucial in creating the next life-saving vaccines.