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7 Mind-Blowing Smart Car Technologies That Will Hit the Road Soon (2 of 3)


Automated Parking Systems

Automated parking is already something that’s already being used in many modern cars, but the options right now are fairly limited. Right now the car uses a sensor system to sort of guess where its location is, but in the future we could see this system become fully integrated with the internet and artificial intelligence to be able to properly park itself in a myriad of contexts. One such application would be to set your garage as a “home” location and just have the car park itself there with the touch of a button. Or dropping you off at an entrance and then continuing on to park itself in a free spot.

App Integration

Naturally, once cars have internet connections and smartwatch integration, you know the next thing that will follow are apps. Your on-board computer will look more and more like your regular smartphone screen, allowing you to select and push the app you’d like to use. In terms of user convenience, this will be a huge step forward compared to the clunky interfaces we have now. Also, imagine not having to go to the car shop to get your stuff updated!