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7 Mind-Blowing Smart Car Technologies That Will Hit the Road Soon (3 of 3)

(3 of 3) 7 Mind-Blowing Smart Car Technologies That Will Hit the Road Soon
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Lightweight Materials

Not all innovations that are happening in the world of cars have to do with software and IT applications. Another big thing that’s happening right now is making our cars less heavy without reducing the safety and sturdiness of the chassis. Carbon fiber is one of those materials that is currently being used in more and more cars, and aluminum has also been used. The latter managed to reduce a car’s weight by no less than 300 kg! The major upside is that lighter cars require less gas or electricity to drive, so this could be a huge ecological win.

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Full Phone Integration

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the general idea behind the up-and-coming innovations in cars have to do with making them more and more like our phones. Well, the next logical step is to actually integrate them with our phones. Your phone could become your car key, or even just a sensor that unlocks your door automatically when you get close enough. You could use your phone to keep an eye on your gas usage, next scheduled maintenance, … you name it.

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