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7 Mind-Blowing Smart Car Technologies That Will Hit the Road Soon

The automotive industry is constantly innovating to make cars increasingly better and safer. One of the developments that has seen great progress in the last decade is the electronics and software we can now put into cars to make them do things better. It’s a field where steps forward are being made almost on a daily basis, and where some pretty radical things are close to completion.

Let’s take a look at some smart car technologies that are on the brink of being put in our cars and on our roads, so you can get a pretty good idea of what your car will be able to do for you.

Communicating Systems

More and more cars are now getting internet connections, which means they’ll soon be able to communicate with each other. Not only will this allow us to develop self-driving cars, but it also enables accident prevention as cars become more aware of other cars on the road. It will also turn your on-board computer into a live feed of what’s happening on the road, traffic jams and all.

3D Gestures

Not only will our cars get smarter, but we’ll also develop more methods of interacting with them and even driving them. In the future, that will allow us to use 3D gestures to do some of the most frequent things you do in your car. Want to open your window? Just wave. Need to raise the temperature? I’m sure there’ll be a gesture for that too. This technology in combination with voice activation will really make operating your car a hands-free thing.

Smartwatch Integration

Cars already have Bluetooth and/or USB, so many devices can already be connected to your car. This is only the first step of a much larger project, which will eventually lead to seamless smartwatch integration. You’ll be able to lock or unlock your doors on your smartwatch, or even turn off your lights or engine. And this is of course next to all the basic stuff you’d expect from smartwatch applications, like being able to find your car and warning you when the car is starting when you’re not in it. The options are pretty much endless, and there’s nothing you can think of that couldn’t be done with this.