7 Things to Be Honest and Upfront With Every Time

When dating, it is always a good idea to get to know someone over time. Slowly revealing more about yourself and letting your guard down will help you keep your boundaries in place. It will also ensure that you are thoroughly getting to know the person you are dating and that they are the right one who deserves to know the intimate parts of you. But regardless of how slow you pace yourself, there are a few things that you should be upfront about no matter what. Being honest about these aspects of yourself could help you easily vet someone in the beginning and find out if your basic relationship goals and needs align with each other. Read on to learn about these 7 things to be honest and upfront with every time. 

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Who you are at your most authentic self 

If you have the tendency to change yourself for others, this one is definitely for you. It can be tempting to lean into the version of you that other people want you to be, but that is never going to fully fulfill you in the long run. Connections and relationships that are not honoring who you really are will eventually fall apart after you can no longer be who they thought you were. This means that from the beginning, you must be yourself as authentically as possible, no matter how other people feel about it.