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5 Relationship Issues You’re Better Off Ignoring

Relationships require hard work if you want them to last. They’re like a lovely garden. It’s nice to look at, you gain so much from it, everyone wants it and is jealous of yours but only you know the hard work that went into making it the way it is. That’s right, relationships are like gardens. You can quote me on that. I’m not responsible for people looking at you oddly afterwards.

Relationships never get the chance to fully blossom (like flowers! In a garden!) unless you ignore some minor issues. It’s a very “choose your battles” type of situation where some things that may seem like they’re going to crap all over your lawn end up making the grass just that much greener. Let’s take a look at some relationship issues you should probably try to ignore.

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Yes, some partners can be bullies and no, you shouldn’t let people bully you. That’s not what we’re saying. But if your partner often takes the lead and tells you what to do, is that really a bad thing? Do they respect you being bossy to them as well? Are they open to talking about how bossy they are? Heck, maybe you don’t even mind being bossed around and like someone telling you what to do. It doesn’t have to be a problem and it’s certainly not one worth spending a lot of time on. Just talk to your partner or accept it. You know, like adults do.

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Alone Time

Okay, let me preface this by saying that some people just like being alone, despite being in a relationship. Being able to lock yourself off from this maddening world that seems to spend every waking hour driving you further and further towards insanity can be such a liberating thing and you shouldn’t take that away from your partner because you’re feeling insecure about yourself. That’s right: any issue you have with your partner wanting alone time is an issue you have with yourself. Of course your partner is looking more forward to a night out with friends than he is to a night out with you – the whole idea is to do something different to break the pattern! As long as they always come back home and don’t cheat, who cares?

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Superiority Issues

This all comes down to interpretation and how you perceive situations. Yes, some partners do have a superiority complex and view their significant others as trophies or whatever. But if you really want to talk about superiority in the relationship, this is something that you can easily manage if you talk to your partner and either accept that this is the way it’s going to be but they mean no harm with it, or just agree on some boundaries. It’s not something worth fighting over if it isn’t something that suffocates you every step of the way.

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Yes, we all want different things in the bedroom. And yes, sooner or later you’ll run into something that you want that your partner doesn’t and vice versa. You can either talk about it and say why you’re not comfortable with doing X or Y, or you can accept that your partner wants this and see it as an experiment. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it more than you thought you would and it becomes part of your regular routine. Because don’t kid yourself – every couple that’s been together for a long time has a routine. It’s like a Metallica setlist, you can pretty much guess 80% of what’s going to happen in advance.

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Spending Habits

Partners that spend a lot of money can be annoying, that’s true, but they’re not as annoying as partners that don’t make any money. If your partner also works and makes a solid part of the family income, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to spend some of that money. If you have enough saved up to deal with 2 or 3 items of “random life bullshit”, it’s probably fine anyway. Don’t stress too much over it.


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