8 Red Flags Early In Your Relationship  (2 of 5)

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2. One Of You Has Already Been Unfaithful

If you have established that the two of you are in a committed relationship and yet that doesn’t stop one of you from cheating, it is unlikely that anything is ever going to change unless the cheater changes their position on commitment and respect. Unfortunately, they probably won’t. Even if you are willing to forgive each other and try to continue the relationship, isn’t only a matter of time before it happens again. 

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3. They Can’t Be Straightforward With You

Whether they are telling a lie or deliberately withholding information, these are signs that there are fissures in the relationship that cannot be healed. You might be inclined to tiptoe around the issue out of fear that it could blow up into a more serious conflict, but it will only lead to jealousy and heartbreak in the long run. It is important to nip it in the bid from the start. Let them know in a non-confrontational way that their little lies hurt you. This is the only way to know whether this problem can be fixed.