8 Red Flags Early In Your Relationship 

When you enter into a new romantic relationship, it can be difficult to spot all the issues that could come between you and a long-term future. You go through a honeymoon phase where you are willing to overlook their flaws or convince yourself that you can handle them. But as time goes on, you’ll discover that those little white lies they tell will snowball or even become something more significant. Ultimately, if you see there are a lot of problems from the start, don’t hesitate to end the relationship because it is doubtful things will get better. With that in mind, here are some early indicators that the relationship is doomed. 

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1. Your Are Rarely On The Same Page

A huge red flag that your relationship will always contain drama is that you are on two completely different communication wavelengths. For instance, you might be the type that prefers transparency and to share as much as possible while they tend to be more secretive. Or you try to follow the rule of not going to bed angry at each other while they allow arguments to fester in perpetuity. These issues will ultimately lead to resentment and frustration, and especially a sense that they don’t fully love or appreciate you.