28 Toxic Things That Your Partner Should Stop Doing Right Now

More often than not, we find ourselves stuck in petty fights with our partners. And the surprising part about it all is the fact that they’re mostly due to them being dismissive about our choices and boundaries, or having a complete disregard for our views.

Initially, we start by changing ourselves – compromising and improvising our traits and characteristics to suit their needs. But how much is too much? There comes a point when the demands get irrational, their wants and needs feel too stressful, and you sit there unable to wrap your mind around it all.

Every relationship hits rock bottom, which involves a lot of stressful conversations and addressing issues and finding a workaround to sail through it all. But if your relationship seems to be stuck there, chances are it isn’t a phase, but your partner being problematic instead. However, there are some basic boundaries and limits that every couple must respect and follow. We tend to dismiss these boundaries every time we’re enraged about something, and in that process fail to realize that our rage is but for a invalid cause.

We’ve listed 28 things that your partner should never do to you, and how you can deal with it. Continue reading to find out more! We hope that this article gives you a deeper insight into your relationship problems once and for all.


Asking you to ignore offensive comments made by their family

The key to a healthy relationship is for you and your partner to be respectful of each other, along with your families. If their family hurls offensive comments or insults at you, and they ask you to leave it be, that’s unacceptable.

Instead, whenever they find their family at fault, they should stand up for you and voice your side too. If they are encouraging such a toxic behavior on their family’s behalf then there is some “real talk” that you and your partner need to do immediately.



Asking You To do their chores

The household tasks need to be divided, and the responsibilities can be alternated now and then, but both of you should take care of your personal belongings separately.

You cannot expect your partner to place your makeup back into the drawer, and similarly, they cannot expect you to pick their socks up and place them into the correct drawer.

It’s outrageous how some men think that their girlfriends or wives are maids and they ought to do their laundry, find their tie, and do the dishes every time.

There is a subtle hint of patriarchy residing there, but if you are not confronting them about this behavior and instead encouraging it by giving in, you’re to blame equally.



Asking you to lie on their behalf

If the saying “Honesty is the best policy” exists in your dictionary (and it should), but does not in theirs – you have to either try to rectify the situation by calling them out on it or leaving the relationship altogether.

Moreover, if your partner asks you to lie on behalf of them, it’s all the more outrageous. If your partner has something that they need to lie about, the best thing to do would be to let them deal with the repercussions.

You don’t need to be their superman-savior in every situation.



Forcing you to talk about your past affairs

Opening up about your past lovers and flings should be your call. The popular phrase “I deserve to know” stands invalid here, because they are your personal experiences which are allowed to be kept private as long as you want.

If you want to talk about it on your own, it’s still understandable. But if you don’t (which is understandable too!) and are constantly being pestered about it to open up, you need to tell your partner that he or she needs to learn to respect your privacy, no matter how close you both are.

Let people in your life, but keep your personal space intact.