28 Toxic Things That Your Partner Should Stop Doing Right Now (2 of 7)

Looking down upon you when you cry

Crying is essential to let all the suppressed emotions out. Sometimes you’ve been dealing with a ton of issues, which kept piling up inside of you, and the smallest of things can make you let out a wail.

If they ask you to stop crying or consider them to be “crocodile” tears, they’re not right for you. It’s important to understand that crying is not a sign of weakness, it’s just your body cleansing itself of toxic emotions that have been building up inside of you.

If they fail to understand your need to express all your emotions by crying once in a while, consider letting them go and move on.

You’ll find someone who will sit beside you and hold your hand while you’re crying, even if they don’t understand why instead of conducting a live show of mockery regarding it.



Asking you to minimize your accomplishments

While jealousy is common in a relationship, if your partner asks you to dim your light so that they can come out brighter then that is not acceptable.

You might be more successful at your job or better at some hobby that brings you recognition, but if your partner is jealous of your success and asks you to keep it low so they can come out more prominent, then you need to sit back and think about this red flag.

Being in a relationship should instill the feeling of growing, achieving success, and prospering together. It should speak more about love, and less of a dance face-off.



Expecting you to submit to their political views

If you find yourself voting for their choice, you’ve hit rock bottom in your relationship. Political views are unique and personal, and that’s how it should be. You are allowed to have your own choices in leaders and support and vote for them.

A healthy debate now and then is fine (because let’s be honest, no leader has always been right or wrong, so to decide the devil and the angel is next to impossible in politics), but that should be pretty much it.

Beyond healthy debates, if you see your relationship threatened for having opposing political views and choices, you need to go through a serious deliberation with your partner regarding it.



Ignoring your angry outbursts

If you’re having a crazy day or you just got over with an angry outburst, instead of addressing the cause and the problem, if you see your partner sleeping on it then it’s a cause of concern.

Every argument, big or small, no matter how frequent, needs to be addressed with proper communication and understanding of the root cause.

If your partner decides to overlook the whole situation, you’ll feel suffocated and miserable about not being able to clear your head out. Your partner needs to ensure that you don’t go to bed feeling all over the place.

Communicate and come to a conclusion, only then can you turn the ugliest of fights into the healthiest.