Find Out What Type Of Man Is Ideal For You

A question that lingers in our brain for days after a breakup is that why is it that none of our relationships lasts longer than a few weeks or months. Is there something wrong with us that renders us unsuitable to be someone’s girlfriend? We sure can’t help, but feel a tinge of jealousy when we see our friends and colleagues tying the knot with the man they have been dating since the time we have known them. We lose hope of ever getting dressed as a bride and walking down the aisle. The way we see it is that if we haven’t been good enough for someone to want to love us for long, there is no way we can find a man who will commit to loving, cherishing, and adoring us ‘until death do us part.’


Possible Reasons You Still Haven’t Found Him

A major reason holding your love life from progressing could be that you always end up with the wrong person. It could be that you decide to go ahead with someone even though you don’t feel the connection. Why? You may be feeling alone, craving for company, love, or intimacy, and the option available didn’t seem bad either, and you thought the connection and bond would develop over time. But, did it? It did not. Else you wouldn’t be here. So, how do you know if the person you are currently crushing on can be your future ‘the one,’ and making your move would be the right thing to do? You no longer need to rack your mind. We are going to give you a detailed analysis of the type of man who would be the perfect one for you.



Toxic Habits When Looking For Your “Perfect Man”

Breaking this down is going to get a bit tricky though. It is common for women, especially the younger ones, to be attracted to those men who are known to be the ‘bad guys.’ These bad guys aren’t criminals or mobsters. They are bad, but in a ‘good way.’ There are many qualities about them, which make them irresistible. To start with, they have a physique to die for, a face you want to keep looking at all day long, and a set of eyes you cannot break contact with. It’s as if they have some magical powers with which they are making every woman swooning over them. Their sturdy build tells you that you will be safe around them, that they will fight the world for you, and make you feel like the most special person.

The list is a never-ending one. The bad guy never blends into the crowd. They always stand out and are the best at everything they do. They are also in the first position when it comes to popular sports such as football. They are calm and composed no matter what the situation and their confidence is envied by all.