Find Out What Type Of Man Is Ideal For You (2 of 2)



The Both Sides Of One Coin

So, it looks to you that they are the perfect type of men to be with. Doesn’t it? Well, there is one major problem with these typically bad men. They know their options are vast and this makes them more likely to cheat or not to stay committed to one woman for a long time. At the same time, it’s undeniably the hardest thing to turn your feelings off for such men. So, what should you do then? Sit relaxed and let them be taken by someone else? The answer isn’t simple.

Although rare, it may be possible that they may be both good and bad in just the right proportions. Like someone who has a defined set of ideals, which they never break. They will love you with all their heart, care for you like nobody else does, and never want to leave you even for the best. The bad part about them is that they are adventurous, love to break rules, and not give a thought about the consequences, but they break none when it concerns their girl. Such a type indeed are one in a million, but they are every bit worth waiting and searching for. It is for you now to attract such a man into your life and sweep him off his feet.



Know When To Draw The Line

Sounds good so far? But how do you know if someone is this apt for you in the first place? It takes a little work here. You may find what we are going to ask you to do now as stupid or cringe-worthy, but you will feel a lot sorted by the end of this exercise.

Get yourself a sheet of paper and a pen. Draw a line dividing it into two halves. On one side, scribble all the qualities you want in your man and, on the other, jot down all those, which you are completely put off by. Now you have a clear understanding of what type of men you can be serious about and the ones you don’t need to go out with even on a second date. Since no being is perfect, you will have to make some compromises, but you will know when it’s too much for you to handle.