20 Words And Phrases You Should Avoid Saying To Your Partner At All Costs (2 of 5)



You are such an idiot

Using any sort of a personal insult is downright emotional violence, according to relationship coach Maggie Reyes. Belittling your partner by saying stuff like “you are such an idiot” or “you don’t even know what you’re doing” can be destructive and cause enormous tension in your relationship, which can later cause you to split up. So, unless you want to let go of your partner, you shouldn’t belittle them no matter how heated the argument becomes. Like we said earlier, stick to facts and calmly say things.



You are pathetic

Again, labeling your partner is not going to resolve the issue anytime soon. Instead, it will flare it up, if not cause the relationship to break straight away. Therefore, no matter how dissatisfied you might be with your partner’s behavior, labeling them isn’t the right thing to do, according to divorce therapist Karolina Pasko. Instead, talk to your partner about what’s bothering you about their behavior in a calm way, which can bridge the gap significantly.



You’re such a failure

Calling your partner a failure is something you can never take back, no matter what you do. So unless you want those words to linger on and become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, you should never utter these words to your partner – not even when you’re burning with rage.



You have to do this

You shouldn’t treat your partner in an authoritarian manner that is solely reserved for pets or unruly children, according to relationship expert Margaux Cassuto. Using strict and authoritarian words take away the balance from a relationship. As we all know, the main bond of a healthy adult relationship is mutual respect and the fact that their opinions are valued as well. By robbing your partner of this equilibrium, you’re also robbing your relationship of the same.