20 Main Reasons Why You’re Still Single (2 of 5)



You keep seeing thing from the point of view of your ex

The main problem is that people don’t realize that is everyone is different. No two people are the same and possess different ideologies. Just because he or she is not doing something that different than your ex, doesn’t mean he is bad or selfish, he or she has her way of doing it.

The way your ex used you, you don’t want anyone else doing that too, this is what brings the paranoia in your mind regarding relationships. This has led to the conception of so many dating apps nowadays solely based on what are your interests and like and matching you up on the same. More than meeting someone, it’s like a job interview now.



Your views on intimacy are impacted passively in a low state

This is very sensitive regarding human interaction, which is quite often misunderstood. Within the category of grey area intimacy, people can be segregated into two categories: one is who thinks that he/she is not gullible enough to receive intimacy thinking that they are at fault of it, and the other thinking that others lack the aura of intimacy itself thinking that they will cheat or disappoint them anyway. The other people think that when they are inevitably are going to get cheated, then why allow them to do so.

This creates a niche, that over time turns into a large pit of suspicion and loosens the strings of commitment in a relationship. Thus, the only way of coming out of this cycle is the be more vocal and open with your feelings. This may change them, as well as their partners for good and may strengthen their relationship.



You want to work on yourself and remain single

There is quite a proportion of humans who understand the importance of solace and spiritual isolation. Some people need time to work out on things, while some need time to overcome a lost relationship. It is wrong to assume that every single person is constantly trying to get into a relationship.

There are many things to work upon personal domains like career, faith, emotional stability, physical stability. And only after, working on them they deem themselves fit to come back to the dating world. This aspect of other people’s well-being should be appreciated and respected. such and take care or mend them.



You don’t want to ever remain constant in life

Some relationships improve your well-being while some just deteriorate you day after day. It important to avoid toxic relationship, however, just for the sake of a relationship, many seem to settle down and compromise themselves for that other person. However, you will know yourself, and won’t budge once if you questioned your standards and morality. You feel it is better to remain single than feed your soul to any monster. Thus, you tend to make many relationships throughout your life in order to find the most viable one, even at the cost of others judging you.



You are not comfortable with the latest dating trends

The real meaning of dating i.e. meeting someone and exchanging ideas, connecting on spiritual, emotional, physical levels and helping each other improve the well-being of each other. But dating in the recent era has become more selfish and exteriorized.

Endless right and left swiping on Bumble and Tinder just show the exterior beauty of a person, and in no way can show the actual nature of a person. This unwanted objectification occurs as we make our selections, which is very creepy. And then after that, your dating life virtually depends on your texting skills, which at times turn out to be superfluous. To be honest, this method is flawed to start a relationship.

Even this doesn’t mean that going to a bar to try and socialize with people is also very flawed. As we know, the brain functioning and reception become loose under the influence, hence our actions too are not honest. Just for the sake of one night with a stranger, we tend to risk our moralities, also our conscience for the same.

This shows how the latest dating trends are flawed and may make someone uncomfortable.