20 Main Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Why do people try to mingle with other people? This is a question that no one ever asks, because, it’s obvious to everyone. Humans are a social being and need the companionship of other people to feel complete in life. Even a newborn baby will not sustain if not taken care of with love and care. So it becomes just obvious for us humans to crave the companionship of other humans.

However, this choice of companionship varies from person to person. For some, it’s a willing choice of theirs to remain single, while some remain single due to the conditions faced by them, both personal and mutual, that at times become unavoidable, also inevitable.

Although, a majority of the singles, ask as to why only they are deprived of this human interaction of love and socialism. To know more about the same, we have compiled a list of reasons as to what may lead to the reason for your remaining single for a significant portion of your social and personal life.

More than that, staying single becomes a matter of concern for those around us, like our family. They are the ones who usually are worried the most. A single person is usually not viewed in the good light, for being anti-social, and has become a stigma sort of for everyone. This needs to be changed nonetheless. Given below lists of few reasons as to why people remain or are forced to remain single. Here is a list of some of the reasons a lot of people are still single:


It’s your personal choice

As people start dating, they realize that it’s not their niche. Some feel friendship is good enough, that they don’t feel the need for anything else in life. Also, some have betrayed enough times that they just lose hope to continue in this vast pool of opportunities. Although you love honey, you can’t just go and cut a part of its hive, for it’s sure to sting you back. This way you start hating honey.



Your bar of worth is way high

You are someone who expects too much of people and has absurd requirements for the same. You expect the other person to completely blow you away by his or her aura, even though you may not match the same as theirs. This is a likely reason that you are still alone as you are still unable to find such a person. This is more of a cultural phenomenon, wherein the movies have portrayed love in such unrealistic ways that have mended the minds of the people then and now.

Moreover, people believing such rom-com stuff has led to more breaking hearts than ever, which occurs as a result of people not finding love the way they expected. People want their partners or significant others to make them the priority, at any cost. They should understand that this is not possible and prioritizing everything in life is always not the answer.

Having more realistic expectations and finding happiness all the small things in life is what matters. It’s also healthy, and an ideal way, a relationship works.



You have been betrayed and broken many times

Many times it’s not us that are at fault, but maybe the other person, who got the better of us by not being honest. This occurs more often than usual and is the man in the reason people lose hope in love. Many times because of unprompted breakups, misunderstanding people just feel it’s better to stay off then keep holding on. The heart may feel the pain, but maybe it’s better these ways. Most singles have been on this side of the boat, at least once.

It is healthier in a way, to remove people from life who didn’t really have any love with you and were there just for having the cake. After losing a commitment, it’s sometimes better to stay low and give time to heart for it to heal. Although, the limits must be understood and well given to everyone concerned. And one must never promptly end everything in one go as it is not a moral way to do so.



Fear of commitment

A problem, more prevalent among the men than the women is the fear of commitment. This fear alone is responsible for people to act absurd and have undying insecurity over another person. They think that initially, they are happy, but what afterward, they can’t see the bigger picture. They want themselves to be happy all along, hence they tend to sabotage it at the beginning itself.

This narcissistic behavior of theirs is very unhealthy and stands as the main cause of unsettled regret in their lives. They need to prioritize the important things in their life, whether they want to achieve big and lose everything, or try to achieve more with the small things in life.

Relationships are about growing, together with each other and not actually sacrificing happiness for the same. The key is to be selfless and communicate and take interest in each other’s lives. It’s both physical as well as a mental situation that needs to be taken care of.



Your selection of people is flawed

This is the common cause of people nowadays. Not everyone is compatible with you, and you too may be not compatible with everyone. Past is past, hence you must not be picky in terms of your past relationships. People always fall in love with someone for just one quality of theirs, and along the way forget about all other factors. Also, a person who may seem sweetest of all at first may turn out to be meanest of all till it ends.

You keep on getting involved with people resembling your ex, who are there because they need and not you need them. This may also lead to an abusive relationship, as this sets that narcissistic standard that eats you well within from inside.