One (Or More) Of These 14 Reasons Is Why You Can’t Get Over Your Breakup (2 of 4)



You are not letting it go

You only hurt yourself if you keep holding on to something that was never meant to be. Forget it. They will never realize their mistakes and come back to you to patch things up. They have moved on and you should too. Go on a solo trip, try diving from high above or deep down into the seemingly never-ending ocean. There are many better things to do than wasting life over a person who wasn’t even right for you.



The relationship drained your confidence

If your relationship sucked away your self-esteem and self-worth, you should be glad you are no longer stuck in it. If you are truly loved by someone, they will make you feel special and capable of achieving great heights. Now that you are out of the mess, pull yourself together and go get everything you ever wanted. No one can now stop you or pull you down.



We are all social species

Being the social species that we are, it is perfectly normal for us to feel incomplete without a companion. Someone to cheer us up during bad times and to celebrate good times with, to discuss the hilarious and the heart-warming stories with. When that most important person is gone, we feel our life has come to a standstill. That we can never be good enough for someone. In such a time, it is worth to forget it all and go out to experience so much that life has to offer.



No closure

Having closure is necessary if your relationship was a serious one. Your partner cannot just vanish into thin air without ending things with you the proper way. No closure keeps all the questions in your head unanswered and you can’t deny but a flicker of hope remains that they will be back. So, even if it was a mutual decision, sitting down with them and uttering all you have to say or asking whatever you need to know will help you immensely. You both owe that to each other.