One (Or More) Of These 14 Reasons Is Why You Can’t Get Over Your Breakup

Parting ways with someone you once imagined living your entire life with isn’t the kind of experience we have to go through every once in a while. It shatters your heart, shivers your inner peace, and shakes your faith in true love and having a happily ever after. No matter what the reason for the breakup, it’s a challenge for both the partners to accustom themselves to this big change.

The time needed for us to be completely fine and contented with our lives varies hugely for different people. While some may start dating another person in just a few months, others are hooked on to their past even after years. So, what is it that the latter group of people do or don’t do which doesn’t let them move ahead in their love lives? The list below may provide some insight.


You stalk them on social media

Why do you have to go through their social media pages three times a day and what good do you think will come out of that? Deleting all the pictures of yourself with them will turn out to be useless if you open up the same ones you find in their profile and fall asleep admiring how perfect you two were together. Not only that but seeing them moving on will make you hate your life even more. Shut the Facebook app and open up tinder or bumble or whichever your BFF had suggested and do yourself some good.



You reminisce only the good moments

Replaying those sweet-magical moments you had with them must have become your favorite thing to do during free time. But cherishing your past year isn’t going to make your current or future one merrier. You have to be rational and keep yourself reminding of the various issues which caused you both to separate. It will make you happy about your decision and make you love being single and stress-free.



You are alone

We know you have already heard this like a zillion times but your friends aren’t all wrong. It could be that you aren’t able to fully move on because you spend a lot of time being alone, mulling over hours the relationship which should never have ended. Maybe socializing a bit, meeting new people, and enjoying life with your close ones is all you need.



You can’t help but dwell over it

So you have now taken all of the world’s responsibilities on your shoulders just to avoid any thought of your ex from creeping into your brain. Did that work out the way you were certain it would? No. Right? Your mind is flooded with their memories the moment you take a break and, even worse, sometimes it feels like your brain is begging of you to just relax and let it daydream. Know what will help? Stop trying so hard. Just let it be and go with the flow. You will be fine eventually.