These 11 Signs Scream That Your Feelings Aren’t Mutual Anymore (2 of 3)



You are always to be blamed

No matter how big or small a problem crops up, your partner dumps the entire blame on you. Even on issues where it can’t be remotely explained how you got involved. You approach them with something that’s bothering you and they make you feel guilty for feeling that way. Such a behavior is not only unhealthy for the relationship but can also be disastrous for your mental well-being.



You are always the one to initiate a conversation

This is no brainer. When someone doesn’t bother to call you or text you, it is apparent that they aren’t interested in knowing what’s going on with you. Your presumption that it could be because your partner has a busier work life is wrong. No matter how busy they are, if they love with you with all their heart, they will not be able to fall asleep without checking on you.



They don’t respect you enough

For a relationship to stay strong, mutual respect between the partners is crucial. It is one of the ways to communicate your admiration and appreciation for their presence in your life. Constant yelling, criticizing your choices, hating your company and other such behavioral changes indicate that they aren’t happy in the relationship and that they need a break or want to end things with you.