These 11 Signs Scream That Your Feelings Aren’t Mutual Anymore

Nothing wrecks our mental peace as bad as not getting love and care in return from the one who has our heart. When your special one gives you no importance, you are bound to feel broken. After all, you two were equally in it in the beginning and seeing that passion fading away is sure to weaken you emotionally and make you go to great lengths to make it work even if you aren’t sure if your efforts will make a difference or not. What you have to understand is that one partner cannot single-handedly sustain a relationship. Both have to play their parts and contribute to keeping it alive. So, if you notice your guy or girl exhibiting the following signs, you know everything is not right.


They forget special days such as your birthday

Your dearest one forgot that it is your birthday and you acted pissed off for a short while but forgave them after hearing the typical excuse that they were so busy that it slipped their mind. That’s fine. It is good to be understanding and let go sometimes. But, you are only not ready to accept that they have lost interest in you if they never remember it or any other occasion special to both of you.



They don’t take any responsibility

As we have said before, you both have to prove by your actions that you want to be together come what may. We are sorry to break this to you, but you are just being their help if you shoulder all the responsibilities and your partner behaves like an immature teenager. Be it paying bills or doing the household chores, the bond will be shaken if the responsibilities aren’t shared.



They choose their friends over you

You aren’t wrong to feel that your partner should prioritize you over their friends. They may have known them since their childhood days and you for just a year and still they should put you first if they see you as their better half. There is no denying that for a happy-going relationship, the partners must be allowed some space to pursue their hobby or hang out with their friends or colleagues. We only mean that it shouldn’t be so much that you begin to feel like being single. Moreover, if they are too busy outing with friends, they may miss out on special moments with you.