19 Excellent Tips to Spice up Your Relationship After the 40s

Efforts need to be put into every single relationship to let the spark burning. But, when the clock ticks towards your 40s, the burden of responsibilities and family don’t let you have any time for romance and spice things up from time to time. To help you overcome this, we bring you ways that will help you keep that spark alive between you and your partner in your 40s, and beyond. Without further ado, let’s check out the article below.


Have a planned daily routine

Small acts of love are what make a relationship last long. Be it as small as bringing bed tea to your partner or giving them a morning kiss, all of it proves to help keep the bond alive. Most importantly, all these activities or relationship pleasures should be first discussed and then planned. Both the partners should agree to it and reschedule their daily routine from time to time to see if the needs of both are met. There shouldn’t be any desires that are left out or unspoken.



Share an unspoken fantasy

All of us have stored a secret fantasy somewhere in our hearts which we fear to disclose to anyone. Or maybe we haven’t grown close enough to anyone to get comfortable to tell them our fantasies. But, when a relationship grows old, trust gets strengthened. Believe it or not, this is the best time to share your secret desires and get to know theirs. At this stage of the relationship, there is no fear of judgment too because you both have seen each other’s best and worst times. And you can try them out too together if both are comfortable.



Play team sports together

Bringing in new activities to instill excitement is always a good idea. You both can engage yourselves in some team sport. A bit of friendly competition won’t do any harm and you will create fun memories as well to tell later. It will be a different experience that you can talk about and laugh later.



Join a new class together

Sometimes, you might feel that you have run out of topics to talk about. Don’t worry, you can always learn a new talent with your partner. Learning some new stuff brings new energy and excitement, and learning it with your spouse will bring that positive energy and romance to the relationship. You will have new interests and stuff to chat about.



Create a bucket list

Creating a bucket list sounds like a childlike activity but doing that together as a couple might add new adventurous stuff to the list that you never thought of. It has the power to bring life to a slow-going relationship, too. Asking questions like, “What would I want to experience with my partner if I just had 2 months?” might help. And checking all the boxes gives its adrenaline rush along with the positive impact of the bucket list.