20 Astonishing Designer Solutions We Don’t Get To See Every Day

Source: Reddit


2018 National Geographic cover

I remember back in the 70s you had to take all your groceries home in paper bags, and it was a nightmare. Nothing has made life and picnics easier than all the plastics we have today. My wife and I have been going for picnics down by the river for years and we are able to do it without having to haul anything back with us due to resilient plastic grocery bags. We wrap our sandwiches in cling wrap, drink cola out plastic bottles, and buy prepackaged fruits and cheeses. It saves a lot of hassle on carrying back coolers and baskets.



Anti-gun pro-adoption poster design

I’m surprised more people don’t know by simply turning your dog upside down, it functions as a gun



Really great minimalist billboard ad

When advertising team designed it, they didn’t care about the billboard’s visibility at night. But they knew that someone would take a pic of it at night and post it on the internet and they’ll get more publicity and attention.



Surfrider Foundation Sushi Ad

It’s definitely effective, I am now imagining slimy wet plastic bags in my mouth accompanied with cold partially chewed rice. Now you give it a try!