20 Astonishing Designer Solutions We Don’t Get To See Every Day

Source: Reddit


2018 National Geographic cover

I remember back in the 70s you had to take all your groceries home in paper bags, and it was a nightmare. Nothing has made life and picnics easier than all the plastics we have today. My wife and I have been going for picnics down by the river for years and we are able to do it without having to haul anything back with us due to resilient plastic grocery bags. We wrap our sandwiches in cling wrap, drink cola out plastic bottles, and buy prepackaged fruits and cheeses. It saves a lot of hassle on carrying back coolers and baskets.



Anti-gun pro-adoption poster design

I’m surprised more people don’t know by simply turning your dog upside down, it functions as a gun



Really great minimalist billboard ad

When advertising team designed it, they didn’t care about the billboard’s visibility at night. But they knew that someone would take a pic of it at night and post it on the internet and they’ll get more publicity and attention.



Surfrider Foundation Sushi Ad

It’s definitely effective, I am now imagining slimy wet plastic bags in my mouth accompanied with cold partially chewed rice. Now you give it a try!



Time magazine cover

This was done using 958 Intel Shooting Star Drones. Compared to 1,218 of these drones used for the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, which became the largest drone show in the history of the world.



Grill logo

Although this is a clever execution with the letterforms, in theory, making anything food-related that says “ill” is poor execution. Unfortunately, the design is applied, meaning things that are cool in theory but not practice aren’t usually successful designs.



Daring add by a company that sells hats

It even is a German company, which makes it even more daring



This Japanese cookie packaging

Just for the notice, it’s a sweet bread and this one is called “Black melon pan (bread)”. Melon pan is a very popular sweet bread. It has like a crispy coating on it and it is usually yellow.



I really like the privacy!

If you’re wondering why you’ve never encountered this ingenious design in the wild, consider whether you’ve ever seen built-in bunk beds located in the middle of a room before.



When the plane won’t fit

There’s a line painted in the middle of the hangar as well as a big yellow box to park the nose tires on. So you tow the jet in following the line and park it on the box. Close hangar doors around aft of plane and inflate the yellow seals around it. Most hangars, especially older ones, are just not big enough to contain the T-tails of larger aircraft so they have to stick outside.



Lagoon Table

It’s made of glass and wood, and 150cm x 75cm (that’s about 5 x 2.5 in freedom units).. it’s heavy



Simple. Yet so effective.

I like how the line isn’t straight, they know that none of us can produce a straight highlighted-line



The North Face Geodome 4 Tent

Could prob stay in 5 star hotels for my next 4 holidays before I’ve spent what this thing’s worth.



This Marvel’s trilogy poster for Iron Man, Captain America and Thor

The civil war poster looks like an ant man poster instead of captain America. Should’ve had antman hanging onto the rim of the shield instead, and that actually happened in the film.



Park exhibit

Designed by Mehmet Ali Uysal, located in Chaudfobtaine, Belgium



These Ukrainian traffic lights

This would be great when you’re up front and and have to do the old lean to keep an eye on the light



This Krispy Kreme stall

This looks like a stall from Rollercoaster Tycoon



Perfectionist gas piping

Honestly…I really hope that all gas pipe installers are perfectionists. Also I don’t see any other way that they could have installed this



This Pocket Planner has perforated corners

All of them have these in Europe. Some kids were even trolling others by removing all of them and putting them in their bags



Sorapot teapot for loose-leaf tea by Joey Roth

What a neat thing. I question the choice to make the bottom continue to curve, necessitating the little peg on the bottom when vertical, but this has a nice human feel to it.