You Must Eat These 10 Foods Before You Die

Things like homeownership, career success, raising a family and making a fantastic income are goals that most us want to achieve. Ask anyone what they want out of life and your likely to get one of these answers. Although these are worthwhile goals, we tend to forget the pleasure that is derived from simply eating. In our fast-paced society, many of us forget to eat or skip meals. Maybe its time to put a pause on our chaotic lives and enjoy the simplicity of eating flavorsome food. Below are some foods that everyone must try to honestly say they lived life:


1. Ramen, Japan

You’re probably laughing, but this Japanese noodle soup easily beats American chicken noodle soup and has saved many broke college students from going hungry. Traditionally ramen has thin noodles and is served in a flavorful chicken or beef broth and is topped with sliced pork, scallions, loads of veggies and sometimes a soft-boiled egg.




2. Buffalo Wings, America

You can’t live through a game day without this classic American food. Just deep-fry chicken wings, then apply a spicy red hot sauce. Buffalo wings are unbreaded, but that doesn’t take away from the deliciousness. They are usually seasoned with cayenne pepper for a spicy kick.

3. Philly Cheesesteak

The food that put Philadelphia on the map consists of a long sandwich roll filled with thinly-sliced pieces of beef and cheese. The type of cheese is debated among popular Philadelphia restaurants but typically the beef is topped with melted American or provolone and stuffed with onions, peppers and mushrooms.





4. New England Clam Chowder

Probably one of the most popular soups traditionally made with thinly sliced bacon.It is defined by its simple ingredients: salt, pork and potatoes. There’s always a pot being brewed on the Chatham Pier of New England. If you visit the area, don’t forget to pick up this creamy and unforgettable soup.

5. Gelato, Italy

Gelato is Italian ice cream but contains less cream than the traditional ice cream Americans are used to. Just don’t assume its healthier! This ice cream is creamier and smoother, all while using less milk. Unlike regular ice cream, it is not served with a scoop, it’s served with a spade!



6. Sushi, Japan

Okay, its raw fish. After getting over this hurdle, fresh sushi may become one of your favorite seafood choices. If you have the money to travel, visit Tokyo, Japan and you will probably agree that the sushi served there will make the flight worth it. When you eat sushi rolls in Japan, you will notice their recipes are simpler, yet much fresher as they create their menus based on what fish were caught that day!

7. Sandwich Cubano

This is a simple sandwich with ham, succulent pork, pickles and mustard. The trick is to spread mustard across the entire bread. A simplistic sandwich that is mouth-watering with every bite. This sandwich is also very popular in Miami, where they include salami as a key ingredient.



8. Croissant, France

If you can get this in France, this alone would be worth the trip. Get ready for flakey buttery goodness from one of Frances’ most famous baked goods. It is typical to enjoy a croissant for breakfast, or with your afternoon coffee. It is similar to a puff pastry, and is so much better than a bagel!

9. Beijing dumplings, China

Dumplings in Beijing come in varieties such as lamb with carrot or pork and cabbage. Vinegar, soy sauce or chili oil are common condiments that go well with them. Dumplings are a traditional food in China for Chinese New Year, and have the family cooking it together. Yet locals and tourists eat them all year long as they are delicious!



10. Thuringian sausages, Germany

These are no ordinary sausages. Their recipe is hundreds of years old and kept undisclosed. They consist of finely crushed meat with marjoram and garlic. These sausages are well-cooked on a grill, placed into rolls, drenched with mustard and utterly delicious. If you travel to Germany, they are sold on the streets of Weimar and definitely worth a try.



Achieving all your goals is a worthwhile endeavor, but you haven’t lived if you miss out on tasty food. Great food and great experiences go together. Sometimes just enjoying great food with the ones you love can bring about the most memorable experiences. You have a whole life to achieve your goals. Just remember to take a break from your chaotic life and eat!