Check Out This List of Top 11 Foods That Will Put A Dent in Your Bank Balance!

For true food lovers, the price of any food item is just a random number that unlocks heavenly feel for their taste buds. Unfortunately, the price (or, the “random number” if you’re a foodie!) for some food items actually extends far beyond what we would call normal. We have compiled a list of the top 11 most expensive food items on the planet Earth that are bound to put a dent in your bank balance. Check out the list here –


Kopi Luwak Coffee

Wild Cat Coffee Beans, Food, Ingredient, Seed

Kopi Luwak Coffee is produced only in a handful of countries, which include the Philippines, Indonesia, and India. It is, by far, the highest priced coffee in the world and its cost can vary anywhere between $250 a kg to a whopping $1200 a kg! The rationale behind its pricing is the way it is processed. Now, that’s some coffee I’d definitely like to have, wouldn’t you?



Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms, Vertebrate, Ingredient, Terrestrial plant, Mammal

Mostly found in Japan, and sparsely in some other Asian countries, Matsutake Mushrooms aren’t your everyday mushrooms. They’re so rare, a kg of Matsutake Mushrooms can cost your pocket $600! These mushrooms were once quite abundant, but due to invasive species of plants and insects, the numbers have gone down drastically and in the near future we may never hear of these mushrooms again.



Japanese Wagyu Steaks

Kobe Beef, Food, Ingredient, Animal product, Recipe, Cuisine

If you’re a beef lover, Japanese Wagyu Steaks that are made from Japanese beef, are the best you could ever get. Known as the tastiest beef in the world, it is quite buttery, has the best marbling score and possesses a great aroma. Made from purebred Wagyu bull-calves, which are taken care of in ways you can’t even imagine. They are given beer, massages and lots more! A kg of Wagyu meat can cost around $450 a kilogram.




Shaffron Spice

Saffron is predominantly used as a seasoning and its price can go as high as $1000 per kilogram! The justification behind such a price is that saffron doesn’t grow all year round, but only during seven days in the autumn. Further, you need to collect around 30,000 flowers to collect a kilogram of saffron – all by hand!



Swallow Nest Soup

Expensive Top Food In The World, Food, Ingredient, Recipe, Condiment

As the name suggests, swallow nest soup is made from the nests of swallow birds. Now what’s so special about a bird’s nest, you may ask? Well, these birds make their nests using saliva, making it quite a big thing in Chinese cuisine. Add to that the fact about collecting such nests is a matter of life and death – quite literally! These nests are found at steep cliffs, which explains why these are priced at $3000 per kilogram.



White Truffles


You may be thinking to yourself – what can possibly be so special about these truffles that make them so expensive? Well, white truffles can only grow in a handful of specific conditions and add to that the fact that collecting, processing and preserving them requires another level of effort. In Europe, you can get a kilogram of white truffles for $2100!