7 Things You Should Never Do Post-Breakup

The relationship is over. Finished. Donezo. You tried your best, but there is no more hope in saving it. No matter how many times you’ve experienced a breakup, it never gets any easier. As a result, when you’re feeling super sad about being dumped, you might act out in ways that are neither rational nor healthy. No matter how depressed and vulnerable you are feeling, there are 7 things that you absolutely should not do after a breakup.

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1. Insisting on having the closure talk too soon

You know how an exit interview works, right? When you leave for a different job, you explain to your supervisor the reasons for it so that they might gain some insight. Similarly, the closure talk is when you and your ex discuss everything you want to say – including apologies, if necessary — so that you can move on with your lives. Although this is a very mature thing to do, you should wait until your heart has fully healed before you have this discussion whether it is in person, on the phone, or an email. We recommend giving it a few months so that the bitterness is gone and wounds aren’t reopened.