7 Things You Should Never Do Post-Breakup (2 of 4)

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2. Cyberstalking the ex or their new guy/girl

Let’s face it: no good comes out of scrolling through your ex’s social media account. Every happy photo that they post will just make you feel worse than you already do. You should also resist the temptation to stalk their new boyfriend/girlfriend via social media. They have every right to be involved with your former lover, as he/she is no longer in your life. Unfriending, unfollowing, and even uninstalling are the ways to go.

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3. Going to “your” places

By returning to those cafes, parks, and other places that you and your ex called your own, you’ll only find yourself nostalgically reminiscing about all the sweet moments together. As a result, your heart will only ache more and you’ll miss them more than you ought to. If you do go back to those old haunts, it should be to create new memories, not relive the old ones. For instance, the restaurant that you used to frequent with him/her could be the hangout spot to get burgers and wings with your friends.