How to Keep Your Guy Happy: 6 Tips

Every successful relationship requires hard work. Although the foundation of your relationship is initially based on attraction, eventually the butterflies and other feelings of falling in love go away. The little quirks that you thought were cute at first become annoying. You still think he’s amazing, but after time he just stops being “new” to you. At this stage, you need to focus all your energy on compatibility. If your guy feels loved, he will love you back tenfold! How can you keep the spark alive? Take these 6 tips to heart.

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1. Although you’ve got a lot in common, respect that you also have differences

Let’s face it: maintaining a relationship can be difficult because we are all programmed so differently. We have different approaches to how we live our lives. We have our own opinions on matters. You might have hobbies and interests that bore him (and vice versa). But instead of resenting these differences, you should learn to embrace them. For instance, you might not be excited about watching baseball, but if it makes him happy, why not humor him? Also, keep in mind that men typically express their emotions in different ways than women. If he is prone to getting frustrated and stressed out, be patient, supportive, and find ways to cheer him up.

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2. Relationships are always built on mutual respect

How can you make him feel better? The most important step is to listen to his feelings and express sympathy. Giving him a good boost to his ego isn’t a bad thing, so compliment him from time to time, especially when you’re in the company of others. You should also recognize that he’s not a perfect guy; he will make mistakes. But it doesn’t mean he always needs to be called out if he does something that irritates you. If he has a passion — whether it is a hobby or something related to his work — do everything possible to encourage it. It will help motivate him, and in turn you will both be happy. By the way, since we’re talking about mutual respect, he also has a responsibility to support you when you’re having a bad day.

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3. Honest is the best policy

When it comes to relationships, every couple has their own definition of honesty. You might not be somebody who asks your guy questions, especially as it relates to things like his past relationships. This might seem personal, but maybe it is important to him, so be willing to be straightforward about it. But it doesn’t mean you have to divulge every single detail about your past. Likewise, if you happen to be a social butterfly who likes to go out on occasion but he never knows where you are, it could lead to mistrust. So if you’ve got plans with some of your colleagues after work, take a moment to let him know.

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4. Little gestures are an act of love

When it comes to showing him how you feel, you don’t have to surprise him with a sports car or tickets to the Super Bowl. Even simple activities can make a difference, such as planning an afternoon picnic on a nice spring day or spending a weekend in a city that you both love. Furthermore, is there something that you are better at than he is? If you do those things for him, it will free up his time to do the things you might need help with!

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5. A little bit of jealousy is fine, but don’t go overboard

Having a partner who is jealous can be annoying, but it can also be a sign of flattery. After all, if you worry that he’s scoping out other girls, it sure beats having you be indifferent to it! It means you care enough about the relationship to want to be with him. But on the other hand, you need to set boundaries. For example, if you’re texting him every 5 minutes when he’s out with his friends just to keep tabs on him, he will eventually grow to resent it. It might even reach a point where he stops telling you things that he ought to because he’s concluded that you can never trust him. At the start of the relationship, sit down and agree to a set of rules so that there is transparency. This will go a long way towards eliminating jealousy.

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6. Be his best friend

Ultimately, you two will be spending more time with each other than anybody else. Let him know that he takes priority in your life and that you love him, warts and all. Provide constructive criticism when the goal is to make him a better person, but also show him that he can count on you!

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Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of articles about male chivalry, but there aren’t as many on the topic of how a woman should treat her guy in these modern, progressive times. You’ll find that, ultimately, it doesn’t take a lot to please a man. Just treat him with respect, love, affection and honesty, and everything else will fall into place!