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15 Reasons to Love Your Body Just the Way It Is

It’s hard sometimes to love ourselves just the way we are. But we are all made beautifully in each unique way. Loving yourself exactly how you are is one of the keys to living a more full and happy life. Check out these reasons to love your body just the way it is.

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Having a different body won’t totally change you

Even though you may feel different with a new and “improved” body, the people who love you will still think highly of you regardless. This is how you know you have genuine people in your circle.

You can spend your time in more productive ways

There is so much more you could be doing with your time and energy than obsessing over your body. Once you are able to accept yourself as you are, you will be astounded at how exhaustive disliking yourself is.

As long as you’re healthy, the rest is just small stuff

The way you look will fluctuate as you age and progress through life, but the only question you need to be concerned with is this: are you healthy? If you are healthy on the inside, accept the outside as is.

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Food is meant to be enjoyed

Yes, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, but being overly critical about calories and your body can be a real downer. This approach can really suck all the fun out of enjoying food.

Even celebs like Meryl Streep know that we as women spend too much thinking on weight

“For young men, and women, too, what makes you different or weird, that’s your strength. Everyone tries to look a cookie-cutter kind of way, and actually the people who look different are the ones who get picked up,” Streep said. “Don’t worry so much about your weight. Girls spend way too much time thinking about that.”