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15 Reasons to Love Your Body Just the Way It Is (2 of 3)

Your looks are going to change anyway

Imagine spending half your life fixating on looking perfect, for it all to just change anyway as you age. This is the reality of life and aging. Enjoy your looks as you are.

The perfect body doesn’t exist

Trying to achieve the perfect body is silly, as everyone has imperfections and things they are trying to work on. No one is perfect. So chasing this is only going to put you in perpetual dissatisfaction with yourself.

You’re the only one who notices your weight gain

No one else is likely to realize that you’ve gained a pound or two.

Studies show that people who think less about food have fewer weight problems

These studies have shown that those who eat what they want are less likely to have extreme weight fluctuations and body image issues.

Diet food is no fun

It may be needed to cut back here and there, but super strict diets are so unsatisfying and a drag to keep up with. This is usually the reason why they are so hard to stick to, and end up causing more weight gain in the long run.