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10 Things To Avoid When Flirting With a Guy (2 of 3)

5. Going Overboard with Jokes About Him or Yourself

Being a bit self-deprecating can be healthy. It shows you understand that you don’t always take yourself too seriously. Likewise, a few playful jokes at the expense of the guy can be a good way to flirt if he has a good sense of humor. But you don’t want to take things too far. Making too many jokes about yourself will lead him to think you don’t like yourself. At the same time, if you’re roasting him too hard he’ll think you’ve got a mean streak. So if you’re going to tease him with a joke at his expense, make sure to throw in several compliments as well to let him know you don’t really mean it.

6. Using Pickup Lines Without Irony

Pickup lines can be cheesy fun in some situations. But only when you’re being playful and ironic. If you actually try to use a pickup line in a serious way, it will fail massively. Worst of all, you’ll come across as somebody who has no clue how to flirt.

7. Excessive Laughing

If the guy is funny, by all means laugh at some of his jokes. And even if his jokes are corny, there’s nothing wrong with smiling, especially if you want him to feel good about himself. However, if you’re laughing at literally every comment he makes, he’s going to catch on that you might not be sincere. Keep things cheerful and approving, but don’t act like he’s the second coming of your favorite comedian.