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8 Signs Your Date Went Well (2 of 3)

4. You share the same temperament

If you have a good sense of humor and your date is a generally serious person (or vice versa), this could make a long-term relationship difficult. If your date laughs at your jokes or you both find a particular serious discussion to be captivating, that’s a really good sign. On the other hand, if either of your jokes are falling flat or you find the topics they bring up to be boring, they are probably not the right one for you.

5. You make eye contact

If you are making eye contact and look content, that’s a very obvious sign that you’re enjoying the date. By contrast, if they spend most of the date staring at the people at other tables or looking bored or flustered, it could be a problem with you. Or a problem with them. Either way, this particular “problem” will be coming to an end after you say your goodbyes.

6. They take things in stride

Did you have to wait long for a table? Was their food not quite what they were expecting when it arrived? If they seem unfazed at all these little inconveniences, it’s a positive sign that they aren’t going to give you any drama during the date. And, of course, if they don’t give you drama, that’s a really good indicator that there could be a second date.