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8 Signs Your Date Went Well

First dates are both exciting and stressful. You get a chance to meet somebody new with the understanding that if it goes well, who knows what the future holds. However, due to overanalyzing, awkwardness, and trying to seek out clues into his/her behaviors, once the evening ends it’s not always easy to figure out if it was a success. You rarely have a chance to get to know someone in a period of a couple of hours, and even if they are acting friendly towards you, it’s no guarantee that they are into you romantically. Plus the fact that people have different ideas about what constitutes a good date. For some, it’s about chatting the whole time while for others it’s about enjoying each other with long periods of comfortable silence. So how precisely can you tell if the date went well? Here are 8 good signs.

1. You felt at ease

Feeling initial anxiety and even awkwardness is perfectly normal when you first encounter your date. But after a few minutes, you ought to start feeling comfortable and in the rhythm of things. If you’re in a position where you are able to reveal some things about yourself and enjoy what they have to say, that’s a great sign that the date will go well (or at the very least won’t be a disaster).

2. The conversation is flowing

The entire point of going on a date is to get to know each other. This is only possible if you’re both willing to engage in the conversation. This could mean talking about your job and interests. Or it can even be about telling humorous stories about your life. At the same time, the best dates should involve both of you getting enough time to contribute to the discussion. If one person is dominating the conversation, it could indicate that the other isn’t all that interested.

3. Neither of you was reaching for your smartphone

A lot of people can’t seem to disengage with their smartphone for even 30 seconds, so imagine getting through a date lasting several hours without checking your messages. Well, if you want the date to be a success, you’ll have to. There is nothing more obnoxious than calling up a friend or scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed when you’re supposed to be spending that time getting to know your date. Only use your phone if it’s relevant to your conversation, such as showing them photos or an amusing meme.