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10 Conversation-Starter Prompts To Ask Your Next Tinder Match

Why do so many Tinder conversations start with, “Sup?” If you’re on Tinder, chances are you’re searching for somebody who can form sentences longer than a single, incomplete word. In any event, what kind of response are they expecting? A simple, “Not much, dawg”? A 10,000-word response outlying your hopes and dreams? When you’re getting messages from dozens of potential suitors, you can only handle so many conversations at a time. This is why it is important to weed them out and focus on the ones who have the most potential. It starts with asking questions that get them thinking and give you some insight into their personalities until you commit to meeting them IRL. Not sure how to begin? We are happy to oblige! Here are 10 questions and prompts to ask a potential Tinder date to get the conversation going.


1. “You’ve got $20 in your pocket and you can only shop at a convenience store. What would you buy for a candle-light dinner?”

This might have been the premise of an episode of Top Chef or if it wasn’t, it should be. This question challenges your Tinder match to think outside the box as they hunt for appropriate food in a decidedly non-gourmet establishment. If they can turn beef jerky, heat lamp hot dogs, and day-old donuts into a delicious and romantic meal, they might be a keeper.

2. “How Was Your Last Tinder Date?”

If you’re struggling to think of something you have in common with your Tinder match, think about this: you’re still on Tinder precisely because past Tinder dates were complete failures! So there you go! Finding out what they did and how it went so wrong not only creates a potential goldmine of amusing stories, it might even give you an idea of what to expect once/if you meet up.



3. “What’s Your Idea Of A Perfect Day?”

This is another question that offers a preview of what you might do on your Tinder date. If their perfect day involves going surfing in shark-infested waters, but you have a preference for sea animals with fewer sharp teeth, it could be a problem…or maybe it isn’t if you fancy yourself a daredevil! If the day they describe sounds intriguing, that’s the perfect opportunity to ask when they’re available to meet!



4. “Share a happy or funny childhood memory.”

Hearing about somebody’s stories about growing up offers you a window into their life and tells a lot about their personality. When they tell you about their parents, siblings, or best friend in Kindergarten, it creates a bond and emotional connection, which in turn alleviates those nervous butterflies that lead up to the first date.