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10 Conversation-Starter Prompts To Ask Your Next Tinder Match (2 of 3)

5. “If you could get dinner with any famous person living or dead, who would you choose?”

This might not sound like the most creative question, but it nonetheless provides a lot of insight into their belief system. For instance, their choice of Christopher Columbus, the Dalai Lama, or Pol Pot lets you know where they stand on political issues and whether they have any compassion for others. Of course, if they choose Mister Rogers, there’s no question they are right for you!

6. “Which city or country have you enjoyed visiting the most?”

This question is guaranteed to generate interesting discussion especially since you can ask so many follow-up questions after they answer. They can paint a vivid picture of the place as they explain what they loved about it. It also gives you a chance to interject and offer your opinions on places you enjoyed visiting.

7. “Tell me a funny or weird work-related story.”

This is yet another question that really works well because strange (and even hilarious or annoying) situations at the office are something everybody can relate to. Prepare to be amazed at how tolerant your Tinder date is of screaming bosses or the gossipy girl over at accounts receivable.