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Styling Tips To Instantly Level Up Your Fashion Game

Fashion goes beyond just wearing, buying a ton of fancy outfits, mastering outrageously difficult styling tricks, or sporting the latest trends. Well, we for one don’t have the bank balance for such extravagance, anyway! Looking more fashionable can be as simple as tucking in the shirt loosely, or adding a pair of cool sunglasses to complement your outfit, or simply adding a few layers to the look you are sporting.

While it is certainly difficult to pull off than just talking about it, and you might be thinking along the lines of “Thanks for this tip, but I will probably never end up looking as great as those popular celebs”, and to that, we just want to say that looking fashionable has a lot to do with confidence (we know it sounds cheesy, but that’s the way it is).

Even if you are wearing an outfit that is way beyond your comfort zone and you just walk around acting as if you wear that outfit all the time – you will feel and look good. A dress is as much about one’s personality and confidence as it is about the ensemble one is wearing.

If you are still really looking for some cool tips to pull off a crazy outfit without trying too hard to look fashionable, we’ve compiled a list of 14 fashion tips that will keep the compliments coming in for long!


Mix textures

Just grab and layer various fabrics all in one look – snakeskin print, silk, ribbed knit, suede, leather, etc. – it is super chic. Also, you can opt for a bold look with the color choices you go with, or use them in a lighter shade and give the texture a lot more subtle look.



Coordinate colors

Pick at least two to three colors that will form the base of your outfit, and then plan your clothing and the accessories around that – including the makeup you wear! You will look fashionable and elevated irrespective of what color scheme you opt for.



Go crazy with color

Your outfit should have a personality, and if you want that, forget everything – every single word you have read or heard about what colors do or do not go together. You will find there are simply no rules! Pick neon, pastels, neutrals, and combine them into one ensemble to have personality and stand out amongst the crowd.



Wear a matching outfit

Probably one of the most effortless ways to look fashionable is to go for a matching set. Any matching set like a skirt suit, pantsuit, sweatsuit, or knit set looks chic automatically. Then, you can pair up your outfit with some nice shoes and accessories to make it even better.



Go monochrome

If you aren’t into mixing colors, just pick one and go with it! This styling method is super quick and you can get dressed super fast, since you can narrow down the outfit choices, and then match it all up with similar color accessories and shoes without having to pick and choose too much.