11 Real Signs You Are Falling In Love

While falling in love isn’t really some sort of science – well, we guess it is science when you think of the fact that the love-inducing hormone known as oxytocin surges through your body when you fall for someone. However, when you are “falling in love”, that very act looks different from person to person.

Louis Laves-Webb, a psychotherapist based out of Austin says that there aren’t enough signs in someone’s body language to figure out if they are in love or not. And that happens because to one individual, playing with the hair or a shrug of the shoulders could mean they are in love with someone. To someone else, it could simply mean that the person has dandruff issues and wants to scratch their head?

There is no definite way to figure out if someone is in love with you. Most of the time, you will know when it happens. That said, if you really want to know some helpful cues that can set you on the right path, here are some strong signs that you are falling in love.


Physical effects

  • Nodding one’s head or mimicking behaviors is one of the few signs that someone is falling in love, according to R. Matthew Montoya, who is a professor of psychology at the University of Dayton, who also led research into identifying the non-verbal signs of people falling in love.
  • A recent study points out that falling in love can alleviate physical pain by more than 40 percent. This is solid proof that going through a painful process such as surgery with a loved one around can actually help you bear the pain and allow your body to recover quickly, says Adina Mahalli, a relationship expert at Maple Holistics.
  • If you are feeling the stress level increasing, it is a sign that you are in love, since the brain starts producing more of the stress hormone known as cortisol, points out Ross Grossman, manager of Affinity Therapy Services. If every single text is making you anxious or nervous, it is a sign that you are falling in love.
  • When you are in the presence of someone who has your full attention and you don’t feel like checking your phone too often when in their company – you are in love, says Michelle Fraley, relationship expert, and CEO of Spark Matchmaking.
  • You might also feel a bit sick or sweat far too often if you are in love, because of the increased production of cortisol, says relationship expert Audrey Hope.
  • Fraley points out that if you can maintain eye contact with someone for at least four seconds, you can communicate to that person your love for them.